Jesús Perales Arquitecte

We are an architecture studio directed by Jesús Perales Cañaveras, architect from ETSAV.

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Offices in La Gornal

For this project they asked us to reform the offices of a company that is exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of refractory billets. These offices are the workplace where 5 people responsible for maintenance coexist. That is, 5 clients for the same work area.

After meeting our new customers and several visits to the factory, we realized that the main protagonist of the project had to be the material itself: the refractory billet. The material welcomes the visitor from the entrance to the offices and coexists with other colder materials, to further highlight the warmth of the color and the texture of the brick.

The end result is a bright, spacious, elegant and welcoming space where the refractory is the protagonist.

La Gornal, 2020.


150 m2

Property developers:

empresa privada.


Construccions Jesús Perales, SL.


Marcela Grassi.